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A Very Fatal Murder Podcast, produced by The Onion, covers a parody true crime murder case of Hailey Price. With limited visual and promotional presence, I sought to create a a visual narrative sequence to introduce this auditory production to potential listeners.


An early exploration of ideas ranging from cartoon styles, to live action photography incorporation keyscenes and objects from the podcast.

Finalized Storyboard

After narrowing down concepts, a more defined storyboard is developed to detail transitions,, as well as typography, and neccessary shots.

Design boards

Design boards are developed to incorporate a look and feel before hours of work is spent in production. At this stage, I establish color schemes, typographic treatment, and visual direction as a base for creating movement within scenes.


Using ``blood spatters`` as a brand element, various objects receive their own treatment and approach to incorporate the humorous voice of the podcast.

Social Media

Social media posts mimic opening credit stills while introducing a unique typographic approach.