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Hercules Candies

Originally established in 1910, this company has been apart of the Syracuse, NY identity for over 100 years. However, in the era of social media and globalization, the brand will need to be updated to appeal to a wider audience.


Changing to Chokolata the brand will incorporate smooth round lines. The logo resembles a seal to echo the company's history, while also having clarity to read well on screens of all sizes.

Branded End Tag

A hand-drawn animation for hand-made chocolates

YouTube Channel

Channel content educates viewers on the candy-making process, as well as a look at running a small business.

YouTube Channel


Branded boxes and bags build excitement for customers of all ages. Insulated shipping boxes keep candy and chocolate cool during their travels through the mail.


Clothing and other items allow for people to be excited to explore the world of hand-made candies.

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