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Timing + Delivery = Comedy Timing + Delivery = Comedy

One part personal experience, one part dark humor, and one part odd observations. That about summarizes the comedy stylings of Laura Ortiz. Performing since 2016, Laura has been on stages throughout the Central Texas area. From roast battles to open mics, she connects to audiences of all ages and genders. Specializing in dirty jokes, she isn't afraid to get personal and reveal her own horror stories and adventures. What others see as misfortune, Ortiz sees as an opportunity to create new material. Every performance is unique and an opportunity to learn and grow as a comic. There's a fine line between killing the show or bombing on stage, but regardless of the outcome, Ms. Ortiz enjoys her time performing for others. Laura Ortiz is also cohost of the Fetsplaining Podcast, a show dedicated to unraveling the history of various kinks and fetishes and how they relate today. Listen now on Spotify!

2019 FCIT Competition

2018 Comedy Resistance

Horrifyingly Relatable

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