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Art and design side projects, studies, and research Art and design side projects, studies, and research

Halloween Side Project

A small holiday greeting made in After Effects to practice rigging an animal walk cycle.

Motion Design Series

A small study to understand how the principles and elements of design correlate to each other through a time-based medium.

Consumption Journal

This art piece is an exploration based on research for the packaging project, Hanagami. I tied trash I created around my ankles and walked around my native habitat. Through emulating the struggle animals have with pollution, I heightened my own awareness of my environmental footprint. This experience overall lead me to develop tissue packaging that not only reduces its environmental impact but also gave back to the environment by incorporating seed paper into its packaging.

A Day in April

When life gets heavy and the world appears to be drowning in negativity, just remember this Day in April.

Single Sad Girl

Based on the work of Stanya Khan and Harry Dodge, Single Sad Girl dials up the drama of daily life. This character looks for love in all the wrong places, but someday it’ll all work out for her.

Summer Quarantine Series

During the Summer of 2020, the world was in the middle of a global pandemic. To protect the ones we love, people stayed isolated and quarantined. However, those that suffer from mental illness struggled immensely with the new normal. This series documents my own struggle with depression and anxiety, and how I spent my days during quarantine.

Self Portraits

As I explore digital painting/illustration, I've created a series of self-portraits to capture various mindstates as well as techniques.