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With H-E-B's acquisition of favor, new business opportunities will arise during the transition. One such opportunity presents itself as a meal kit delivery service that can compete with the likes of Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. H-E-B Home Cooked answers the question of what's for dinner without the stress of a complicated recipe or wasted ingredients.

This project was the collaborative effort of Paul Davis (Packaging and In-Store Signage), Elizabeth Coleman (Logo, Illustrations, and Instagram Ads), Mackenzie Knight (Recipe Card, and Food Truck Ad), and Laura Ortiz (UI/UX, Youtube, and Branded End Tag). This project was awarded Best Brand Assets during the Spring 2019 Exit Review.

YouTube Channel

The purpose of using YouTube would be to visually educate cooking techniques and kitchen basics that every person should learn. From how to maintain tools to fun step by step guides on some of our most popular kits by local Texas celebrities, H-E-B Home Cooked places itself within reach of our audience through multiple media channels.

Branded End Tag

Utilizing the iconic H-E-B jingle will create the association that Home Cooked lives within the H-E-B brand. The roulette-style motion references a wide variety of options Home Cooked has for all types of meals.


In building the website, several factors were needed for optimal user experience. Being able to sort meals by protein category and coding meals by various allergens, were some of the key features in developing this system. Solutions to such problems involve a color-coded filter system at the top with a banded border with the correlated protein category on the meal images, and small icons on the images to correspond with the most common type of food allergies, and other health-conscious concerns. Another limitation of competitor meal kits was that meals had to be decided weeks prior to receiving them in the mail. H-E-B Home Cooked eliminates that pain point by ordering and delivering meals within the same day. Users can also customize their meal sizes spontaneously due to H-E-B's direct access to fresh ingredients daily.


H-E-B values sustainability, from using local farms and fisheries to building grocery stores with minimal environmental impact. In rolling out the meal kit service, using recyclable and biodegradable materials were vital as competitors used plastic packaging unnecessarily. The recipe card is made of a thicker cardstock with pre-punched holes for customers to keep and use again for their favorite meals.


In launching H-E-B Home Cooked, a variety of advertising methods will interact with potential customers through multiple avenues, such as Instagram, billboards, and guerilla ads.



2019 / Graphis New Talent Design Annual

Art Direction, H-E-B Home Cooked | Honorable Mention

2019 / Spring Portfolio Exit Review

H-E-B Home Cooked | Best Brand Assets