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Employee Uniform

Employees will have access to these assets in order to distinguish themselves from customers. A name tag and at least 2 other items will be considered mandatory for the employee uniform. Some of these items will be available for purchase to customers, such as cuff links or belt buckles.

Care Guide and Fabric Swatch Book

Each tailored suit comes with a care guide that gives brief descriptions on how to care for outfits, as well as explaining the warranty of the suit. The Windsor & Van Wijk tailors have access to a variety of fabric swatch books to create custom suits from a wide variety of materials.


Advertising will focus on empowering individuals and celebrating diversity among people. Ads will also promote the charitable actions of the company, such as suit donations and other opportunities that Windsor & Van Wijk gives back to the community.


On the shopping bag, the horizontal logo will be printed along the sides of the bag with a solid color background. The front and back of the bag will match the same color as the printed logo. The large gift boxes should be used for clothing items such as pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, etc. The small gift boxes will hold accessory items, such as watches, pins, tie bars, cufflinks, etc.